Wooden House

Frame house – a lightweight, warm and healthy, economical, fast-built wooden houses, favourite in many developed countries. The house frame is the collection of wooden segments, and gaps filled with thermal insulating material. Carcass wall of the house are collected from factories manufactured items. They are more difficult than brick houses. Brick wall enough bricks, mortar, plaster, thermal insulation and fasteners, and frame walls will require not only external and internal finishes with the fasteners holding the frame, but also wind and steam isolation. Precision installation of thermal, steam and wind insulation, we will have a warm, without dump house.

On the following components of frame houses to be fitted with the mechanical ventilation. It is very essential that frame house construction for timber is very well dried and impregnated with water. When house subsequently not become deformed and will be stable.When house subsequently not become deformed and will be stable. Constructions vibrations house avoids the using of a larger size beams and pillars.

FRAMED construction of houses must be High Precision, since the tree – a live material, therefore, the construction of such houses is worth to select the higher qualification craftsmen who have experience in this field. A professionally built house is a very warm and it will be good to live. Many people are choosing these kind homes. Possibility of speedy construction and lower construction prices such houses can purchase even with a medium incomes people.

This house project can edit and combine based on your individual needs. We may change the partition layout, wall thicknesses, finishing materials, window openings sizes and ….


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