Timber Frame House

When you are building your home, it seems that You thought about everything. All plans in thought carried over and systematically done. Unfortunately to know everything is probably really impossible, especially if the house have to be build first time as you will feel lack of experience.

Ground works and foundations

Following the work of planning a building construction site. Starting the foundation pit excavation. If the foundation has  good access and use of appropriate mechanisms the digging lasts for 1 or 2 days. And extra works will be, for a few days of ditches and construction of the necessary network engineering, foundation pad installation, concrete, foundation walls and columns of planning.

The most common the house and a rooftop frame and roof installed within two weeks. But, this period is realistic only when there is an ensured the power supply for tools and equipment. Chimney and staircase installation is usually included in the framework installation works.

Doors & windows
Completion of carcass, windows and doors. This will require a few days to a week. A complete windows and doors including frame with mouldings, the handles and locks. Finish on the outside around the frame-performs carpenter – TRIMMING WORKER. The internal sealing around doors and windows conducts heat, air and steam isolation.

Pluming and drainage, heating and electrical wiring

This stage begins when there is a completed frame work. Plumbing and sewage chains connected to the internal network and the use of outside points. In the same time installed showers and bathtubs. At this stage, installed heating system, wiring air ducts or the tubes as well as the ventilation – the heat recovery system. Fitted all over the house electrical and the communication wiring, fire alarm, TV and computer networks. These works are carried out within two weeks.

The house external decoration

Depending on the Property exterior finishing type and the complexity of of this stage work carried out within one or two weeks. At this stage, sandwiched wind insulating film. Certain cases it will sandwiched the frame during the installation. Also, at this stage, made ​​of masonry work, boards installation, plastering, finishing edges, cornice gutters and drainpipes, installation of the door and window sealing units, painting jobs may also be done this stage.

Heat, air and humidity insulation

The following works can be carried out together with the external decoration work, if you work during the thermal insulation protection against rain. Thermal, air and steam isolation Full installation of takes a few days, if it is done at the same time, carry seals around conduits and fittings built into the walls.

The house interior finishing

This stage work usually starts from the ceiling, floor and wall installation. Decoration wood components for internal doors, frames and decorative edges and wooden stairs and railings are usually installed after the ceiling, the floor and the wall is ready for painting or the varnishing. Internal decoration works for approximately two weeks, but depending on the selected materials and finishes type may require more time.


Last step provides the plot planning vehicle access paths, doorsteps and paths the installation of the plant soil filling, bushes and trees planting. In the same time, carried out ​​lots, gazebos and fences installation works, as also plumbing connection to the external networks. Typically works are performed in a 2 weeks basis but in some cases it may require additional time if you provides for welfare works performed, such as the installation of basin patio.

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