We are Building Contractors London, but You already know who we are and what we do. So lets have a look what the customers say about us.


Andrew Baulu, South London

We decided to improve our family home and in order to do that concluded to build house extension and turn it into a lovely dining room with a decking to garden area. The work proceeded rather quickly and the results were very pleasing, we constantly get very nice compliments from friends and family.

James Villberd, Waldingham

Got a attic loft conversion into a small, cosy room for my older daughter in 8 weeks, as well as giving her some more privacy it also give’s me and my wife have some time together. The builders were friendly and got down to work straight away, absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended!


Abayomi Moyosola, Croydon

Me and my  boyfriend done a loft conversion. we made there an extra bedroom with  a bathroom for quests. As my friends are big part of my life. The job did require quite a lot of money and time. But at the end results were fantastic and it also increased the value of our house, very happy.


John Mcginnis, Surrey

I was sadly let down by last builder, but the building contractors fixed up the mess others left behind. Also they build an house extension. There is an extra room for my ill mother. I was very happy indeed with the work.

Phil Flinck, Bromley

Seeing as born of our kids have now got their own families, me and my partner decided to get a new build house. Seeing as neither of us had any experience. We decided to use building contractors t=it was exactly what we needed. Any problem that accrued during the building were solved quickly. The builders were experienced and done perfect work. Very with the finished results and I really do love my house. Thanks