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As this project can see nice modern apartment inPimlico renovation to high quality standards

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Here is very useful advice how to use colour

When we look closely at the natural whorl, we see that nothing is made up of flat, unbroken colours. An object that might appear to have one overall colour is in fact made up of many different colours whose effects blend together.

Shiny objects, such as  seashells and gemstones, are made up of many colours that combine to create a special lustre. Look at an expanse of sky or ocean and you will also notice that the whole atmosphere is created by the strength and direction of the light.

Using broken colours in the home can enhance this feeling of light and movement, and enables you to have a room that is subject to many subtle changes throughout the day and night. Colour washes and paint techniques have been used since ancient times to create atmospheric interiors that reflect this etherial quality.

How to use broken colour

The simplest way to achieve way to the distressed  effect is to start with the lightest colour you wish to use. Paint on an opaque background or base coat of emulsion or flat oil paint of this colour. Over this you can then build up several layers of thinned-emulsion washes or oil glazes, through which the base coat penetrates. The more colours you use, the more subtle and complex are the effects. Broken effects often work better when you use semi gloss or full gloss finishings coats; this has the effect of giving the combination of colours more depth and richness an effect that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

Often we do not like a wall colour or we would like to alter it without having to change our furnishing and completely redecorate a room. An existing wall colour can be improved and given new life by applying a broken effect. For instance, aping wall in bedroom could be enlivened with the addition of a peach or apricot glaze or paint effect.

Broken colour can work successfully  in many different places. Not only can you apply them to walls, But also to doors, floors and ceilings. Wooden furniture can also be enhanced by the selective use of decorative effects. However, in order to avoid creating a room that is too busy it is better to apply broken colour to one area only. The skill is to create a subtle blend of colours that work together to give an overall enriching effect.

It is a good idea to paint some areas with flat colour. This creates the impression of stillness and permanence. Mat wall colours are a perfect foil for decorative effects on furniture, while plain coloured furniture can be enchanted by a shinier decorative effects on the walls. The inspirational quality of flat and broken effects used together gives a room a multidimensional quality that will change with you moods and provide a more enriching environmental.


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