Refurbishment Contract in Chelsea

Apartment refurbishment  contract in London, Chelsea

Here is a very good example how our builders take care about details

The different atmospheres created by colours can be enhanced  by different furnishing styles. Cool schemes lend themselves to uncluttered but sophisticated interiors; richer colours create a feeling of warmth and grandeur;  and strong, contrasting colours create an interior full of drama.

Cool, relaxing rooms

A scheme based on soft colours, such as duck-egg blue, warm creamy yellow and deep silvery green, creates a simple soothing, mentally relaxing feel, reminiscent of colours used in scandinavia and also by the American shakers. The harmony of cool blue and warm cream creates an uncluttered and quite look, which sits well in either a town or a country home. It complements both simple wooden country style and elegant Georgian furniture, and rooms with little pattern or ornamentation, and works well with either period or modern style.


Warm, homely rooms

For a homely and nurturing atmosphere, choose a colour scheme based on rich, warm colours. Pink, peach, apricot, and gold have an earthy quality, and feel friendly. Use these colours on walls contracted with shades of blue and green. Furniture could be old or new and include large overstuffed sofas and softly draped curtains. Small patterns based on natural forms reinforce this emotionally supportive environment.


Dramatic Rooms

Dramatic Rooms are difficult to live for any length of time and are best suited to areas in which you don’t wish to linger. Dark green walls may glow by candlelight, but you have to consider whether you would enjoy being surrounded by that colour all day. A sense of  drama can be created by the use of strong rich colours or surprising colour combinations. A deep colour can often provide a backdrop for a special piece of artwork or bring life to a little used or uninteresting area in a hall or staircase. Rich purple,gold,black,white and magenta have always been associated  with drama. When used with rich fabrics and heavenly  ornamented furniture, these hues will create a room with a sense of opulence.


A combination of creamy black and blue creates a clean timeless look perfectly suited to the simple wooden furniture.

Rich colours in warm tones on the floor and walls and a delicate wallpaper pattern create an interior with a comfortable, traditional feel.


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