Property refurbishment in London is very popular because it is an old city and can’t get free land for new build house.

It can be just kitchen or bathroom refurbishment. We will manage it from dumping old  furniture knock down unnecessary constructions till plugging and testing new electrical appliances.

We are able to offer full service for it or just required one example:

Plumbing old pipes changing boiler fitting all this will be done qualified plumber who have all required skills and necessary certificates.

Electrical instillation placing new cables by your new equipment to keep safe your environment it has to be done by an expert electrician not by newbie.

Plastering work has to fit very high standards You will ask why? Because it will be walls levelling  to keep them straight. So we will know how to do it.

Bathroom tilling very important so leave it for an experienced tiles in layers. Otherwise can easily just waste materials and at the end will have to find who know how to do it

Kitchen units installation can be done just by experienced carpenter it will be faster and will have all functionality  that has to be there.

Painting is the last thing some people prefer to do it by themselves, but it is very important to cover the floors, doors and plugs radiators keep them from paint. Because will find how difficult is to take of it from handles or other places there it can split on.

Looking for those who have experience in house renovation here we are. We do all works keep uniqueness of it just giving a fresh look.



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Worn-bearing timber structures change;
Strengthening of existing load bearing constructions;
The facade decoration, interior finishing
Floor resurfacing works;
The ceiling installation;
Premises insulation.

Constructions demolition works;

Installation of loft space;
Facade renovations works;
Roofing works.

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