Property Refurbishment Contract in London

Property Refurbishment Contract in London

Here is our advice for those who are choosing colour combinations for property refurbishment in London.

Although in nature all colour work well together, our perception of colours is changed depending on the proximity of other colours. A red colour looks very different when placed next to violet  than it does if placed next to green. Instead of complementing each other, contrasting colours compete when placed side by side. This makes them tiring on the eye, and energetically they may be sending out opposing messages.

When selecting colour for broken techniques it is best to use colours from the same family, or those adjoining each other on the colour wheel, because each colour increase the intensity of the next , and the overall effects is one of glowing iridescence. If you use contrasting colours you will end up with a muddy effect. Remember also the rules of colour mixing; if you paint blue over yellow you will end up with an impression of green, because even if your final coat is a dark colour to show through. It is well worthwhile experimenting on a piece of hardboard first.

The glow of sunshine can be achieved by using a light yellow base coat, followed by successive coats of deeper  yellow and oranges. This golden surface would shine with warmth and welcoming vibrations and would be uplifting during the dark winter months. A shimmering mother of the pearl effect, which is feminine and relaxing, can be achieved by selecting soft warm white base coat over which is painted light silvery blue, mauve, or green.

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