Property Refurbishment Contract in Kensington

Property Refurbishment Contract in Kensington. As you can see how the penthouse look now as our builders worked in this flat in Kensington 18 weeks.

AS usually we provide free advice who are looking to create something special

Throughout history, and in every culture, humankind has shown a desire to create pattern. We draw patterns on our skin not just with makeup but in a multitude of ways – from henna designs on a young Indian’s bride’s hands, to the western art of tattooing. We also weave coloured fabrics for clothes and create patterns for use in the home or flat.

When we base our shapes on those found in nature they are very pleasing to the eye, but if the pattern do not have natural proportions they can be jarring and tiring to live with. Several patterns in one room can confuse the eye, tiring the mind. More than one large pattern in a room often makes us feel uncomfortable and irritable. The best way to combine patterns successfully is to make sure the colours and shapes harmonise with each other.

Our as builders advice: Patterned fabrics and furnishings send out their own particular messages and feelings. Horizontal lines give a feeling of strength. Rounded shapes and natural forms create a feeling of harmony with nature and give us emotional support. Strong diagonals and geometrics shapes encourage movement and change.

The colours found in the pattern will either reinforced  or conflict with the energy of the lines. Wavy patterns would be more relaxing if they were coloured in blues and greens than in orange or red. We find florals more appealing if they include tones of green, while geometrics often make use of black and white. Small, repeating wallpapers can be pleasant to live with, provided the patterns are not to complex. Light, fresh prints showing a great deal of background colour do not disturb the eyes or send out confusing messages which we can easily tire. Large designs send out forceful vibration patterns, which can effect our equilibrium especially when we are tired.

So it is better to keep large designs to walls entrance halls, passageways, and stairways, or any place where you do not spend too much time. If you want to use a bold patterned wallpaper, use it in a large airy room, and only up to the picture rail. Never put patterns on the ceilings unless they are traditional plaster mouldings, or a fresco type painting. Window treatments and furnishings provide a good place to use patterns in a room, because the designs are broken up by the folds of the drapes and lines of the furniture.

Just follow those rules and will work perfect for your home interior. But if it is to much for you just book an appointment and we will arrange everything. From designer, builders and till decorators. And than you can be proud of your home interior and quality of building works.


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