Plumbing Heating

Plumbing Heating

We do all internal and external plumbing works in private apartments or homes, as well as other buildings.
We are responsible and Professional, thus ensuring the the highest quality services.
The performance of the work we provide warranty.

Water supply and sewerage system installation and connection;
Underfloor heating installation;
Radiator installation and connection;
boiler installation
The toilet equipment (toilets, tanks, bidets) connection;
Bathtubs equipment (sinks, mixers, bathtubs, shower cabins, coils) connection;
The Washing machines and dishwashers connection.

Underfloor heating with water installed on the thermal insulation layer. The layer thickness depends on the mounted on the floor or ground space. Heated floor of the ring depends on the length of the pipe diameter, but should not exceed 100 mm. The length between tube vary by space heat demand. The circulation pump is selected the calculation of maximum period and the most loaded with ring acting hydraulic resistance. Flow temperature is not higher than 45 degrees Celsius. Flooring surface temperature is not higher than 28 degrees Celsius. A well an insulated house is fully sufficient to maintain a 18 degree floor surfaces. This helps to make floor management automation. Strong reduction of energy consumption.

Our services in the field of the heating can be classified into two groups:

The consultation services

The heating systems engineering

Building thermal demand calculation
The implementing services
boiler installation
Underfloor the heating installation
Radiator the heating installation
The heating systems in renovation
The heating systems support and maintain
A solid fuel boiler connection
Gas boiler connection
The heating systems in Automatisation
Changing the radiators
Material selection and delivery

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