Kitchen Refurbishment London

Kitchen Refurbishment and installation

The kitchen is often regarded as the heart of the home. It is the room where meals are prepared a d is often place to eat and socialise, so function plays a large part in the style. this section shows you how to transform your kitchen into 3 different styles:

Country kitchen- For most of us, country living is a bit of away dream and if there is one aspect we would like more than anything to is the traditional country kitchen. The idea of sitting at a large, scrubbed oak table, with the smell of baking and jars of home made pickles and jam on the shelves is very appealing, especially when your own kitchen has fitted melamine with all the charm of a school canteen! That country kitchen of your dream may not be possible, but there is a lot that can be done to inject any kitchen with all the key ingredients

Contemporary kitchen is  a fusion beet wen professional catering style and the comforts of home. This is the antidote to clutter and the minimalist idea of heaven. It may seem impossible to maintain this chic modern look, keeping worktops free of clutter, but with well planned storage space and little daily discipline it can be easier than you think to achieve the contemporary style.




The 1950s kitchen – Sometimes it seems that colour was invented in the 1950 s because everything before that was photographed in black and white. In truth, the homes were pretty dull during the war years, but it was also a time of great advances in technology and design. When all brain power and new materials were no longer needed for the war effort thought turned towards the commercial world.

Every kitchen can achieve  these styles, whatever its size or shape but an additional section shows you how to make the most of a galley kitchen. We provide all information how to start doing it and our experts will make it reality.