Installing a spur

Installing a spur


From a socket Select a convenient socket and checkwhetherthissocket is on a ring, or onaspur.

Whenyou have located a suitable socket on a ring, connecta length of 25mm 2 twin and earth and run itto the position of the first point onthespur.

At the newsocket (orfused connection unit) position, fita plastic surface mounting box or a recessed metal box. Feed inthecable and connect up.

From ajunction box It is possibleand preferableto inserta junction boxwithout having tocutthrough the live and neutral conductorsof the ring circuit. Mountthe junction box baseto a secure surface on the routeof the ring circuit—such asa wall orthe faceofajoist—whateverits position itshould beaccessiblefor inspection. Then marka section of the ring circuitcable slightly less than the diameterofthejunction boxand carefullystripthe sheath off this marked length. Dividethe live and neutral conductors and stripawayjusta shortsection of insulation atthecentre. You will havetocut

the earth conductor so that you can fit its sleeving. Insert the  conductors into the terminals with the earth inthemiddle. Prepare theend of the 25mm2 spur cable and connect that into the correct junction box terminals.

Ana lternativetoajunction box is to use  terminal block inside a standard mounting box fitted with a blank plate. This system can also be used where you want to move asocket on the end ofa spur. Use the box with a blank pl ate to connect the extra cable and fit the old socket in anew box further a long.

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