Building is difficult process but if do not have experience in it. It will be easy to make such expensive mistakes. To avoid such frustrating period You can:

One way is to hire a builder who will be able to give advice and make things done. But now it is so many dodgy builders so it is very hard to find a right person. As everyone can understand quality of the job depends from specialist who is doing it. We have come to this point.  Here is easy way

Just use trusted building contractors for all aspects of building construction.

As we have trusted builders who have required skills and experience for it

We will check the work carried out complies with all the building regulations and will issue safety certificates if they are required.

Of course an important reason we do this every day this will lead we have experience in this area. This allows to perform work tasks on time and at an affordable price

We use only qualified own labour and some regular sub contractors whose work we know and trust. Use our experience don’t waste your time and money on it

Extension construction and decoration:

– Installation of foundations;

– Elevation the external walls;

– Foundation insulation;

– Wall insulation;

– Build trusses;

– Roofing installation;

– Roof Thermal insulation;

– Outdoor of wooden decoration installation.

General concrete-fitting department is a masonry or concrete of buildings and structures projects, which builds the Building Contractors – London or good knowledge of the work of subcontractors. Concrete-installation works department provides project and agreement with the customer reasonable price, timely prepare a building or structure being built of concrete frame structures and guarantees the quality.

Main works have to be done to build house extension:

  • Installation of the foundation
  • Laying brick Jobs
  • Roofing and ceiling Fitting
  • Facade insulation and finishes
  • Complete interior finishing
  • For buildings and engineering field systems installation
  • Landscaping works