House Extension Renovation in London

Here  was very usual house in London which was waiting for renovations and at the same time client wanted to create more space. As you can see by the pictures how it was before and after.

Mostly this extension created  more space for living room and kitchen area as cooking for this landlord is really important. I think it was the main point way they done it :)

So main thing kitchen refurbishment when extension was done placed all facilities. Carpenter installed new classic style wooden fronts kitchen. Worktop from real stone it will give more functionality as place something hot nothing will happen with it or a water splitter. Of course it as not cheap decision but it improve style and quality.

Have been placed 2 windows on the roof of kitchen. So it made huge natural light source. And the entrance doors that you could use getting to the lovely garden.   Of course terrace at the same level as floor inside.

At the front of the house made proper roof which improve house image from entrance side. It always looks better if you made some changes for the house use same materials and keep same style it keep your House charter.




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