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Hot and cold colours

In the same way colours contain both warm and cool energy vibration in different  proportions. The hue that gives the greatest sense of warmth is red-orange. Red, orange, gold and yellow have a stimulating effect in the occupants, so warm colours should be used in rooms that are cold or lack natural light. Pink and lavender also give warmth and affection and help a room look spacious and elegant. At the other end of, the scale, blues and mauves are positively cold, and are useful for decoration of small rooms on the sunny side of the house. Green can be either cold or warm depending on its proportions of blue and yellow. A third group is the neutral, which includes tray, beige, cream and off white. These can be used to create a balance between several strong and contrasting colours, or on their own to create a subtle, soft, and relaxing atmosphere. Gray can provide a neutral background, which shows off clear bright colours. However, the recent trend of matching it up with black and white can be touches of bright or light accent colours.

Although blues are cooler than reds, some blues warmer than other. For example when blue is mixed with red i becomes warmer. If mixed with green it becomes colder. Grays too  can be warm or cold, depending on whether  they have red or blue undertone. A warm, dove gray is very different from a cold steel-blue gray. To judge whether a colour is cold or warm, look for the underlaying effect: Is it a brownish red or a yellowish red.

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