Chartered Builders in London

  • Our qualified builders are guaranteed to work under deadlines and for  the agreed price for the works. Value for money.
  • You can approach any improvement or building project in three different ways: you can leave it completely to the professionals and experts, you can do it yourself or you can do it all yourself or you can combine professional work and doing it your self.
  • There are also firms and individuals who carry out work similar to that of registered architects but who are not registered and are therefore prohibited from describing themselves as architects. These individuals carry on business under titles such as architectural consultant, building design consultant or architectural surveyor. They are not forced to adhere to any professional codes or conditions. No criterion for their degree of competence is laid down; their work could be  very good or useless.
  • Many of these people advertise in the local press. Sometimes they are Building lecturers working freelance in their spare time. There are also architectural technicians who  normally  provide a technical back up service in architect’s offices, but  many work freelance.

Chartered Builders in Chelsea

Chartered Builders in London

Chartered Builders in Bromley

Chartered Builders in Croydon


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