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If you are going through major changes in your life, it is perhaps best to paint you living room in a neutral colour, so that you can introduce different colours in furnishing, lighting, and accessories to suit your ongoing needs. A wide  variety of beautiful furnishing – fabrics, rugs, ceramics and pictures – can provide an array of colours. If you are skilled at mixing several patterns and colours together, you can crate  a room with interesting textures, colours and patterns. Take care not to make it too busy because too many colours can often send out confusing and conflict energy.  A busy room is not beneficial to those who are nervous, confused, or have bad memories, for mixing several patter together  does not soothe the nerves or promote concentration.

The home is usually shared place, so we must think carefully about the needs and colour preferences of everyone in it before deciding on a colour scheme. This is because when people live together one may have stronger colour vibrations than the others, with the results that the people with the softer colour vibration become overwhelmed by others preferences.

To create a feeling of harmony in your home you should be able to move colour changes. Adjacent rooms can be viewed through open doors so room that adjoin should form a harmony of colour. It is good idea to choose one family of colours – warm, cool, or neutral – for the main rooms. Or use different shades and tints of one or two colours.

But if do not know much about it just leave it for our designers and builders.


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