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On major projects builders and other tradesmen usually work to drawings and schedules drawn up by somebody else. These form the builder’s brief on which he bases his costs, estimates, his materials and so on.

Our professional Builders in London Can do these works:

  • Bathroom Fitters
  • Bathroom Installers
  • Electrical Services
  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Painters and Decorators
  • Carpentry
  • Kitchen Refurbishment and installation

Local professionals – including architects, surveyors, consultants and building control officers – should know about the competence and expertise of local building firms. Before engaging a builder ensure that he is familiar wit a and capable  of carrying out the type of scheme envisaged: ask whether he has recently carried out any similar scheme and find where can you see some of his work pictures of examples.

It is wise to approach prospective firms well in advance of the time when you would like work to be started: six months notice is not excessive.


We perform different building construction, renovation and refurbishment. We have residential, administrative, social, commercial, industrial and environmental building construction management experience. Our company spectrum of services offered is very wide: we listen to the the customer requirements we organise and execute the whole building process to the object recognition of the right to use and carry out warranty work.

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You should allow  the builders about a month to send their quotes to you. You will receive either an estimate or a quotation. An estimate is a guide to the price that will be charged when the job is finished – it may turn out to be more or less. A quotation is a price which the builder offers to do the work for. It may be a fixed price or subject to fluctuations in the cost of labour and materials. In either case there may also be provision for variation due to unforeseen problems.

Our builders London offer for very large jobs, it is a good idea to have a list called a bill of quantities. This list sets out each stage of the work and may include entries like: building a blockwork wall, plastering, supplying and fitting a bath and so on. Some items may be marked as prime cost. Usually, this is an approximate price set aside to cover the cost of special items; when you have eventually decided on which special item (2 bath, for instance) you want, you will be charged the actual price (which will probably include the builder’s profit). Make sure you know who is buying the special items – you do not want the builder turning up expecting you to have bought the bath ready for him to install when you thought he was buying it.