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Luxury on a Budget

Such a vast  array of wall coverings is now available to the decorator – many of them relatively inexpensive and design to be simple for the novice to use – that the most difficult problem is knowing what sort of covering to use but our designers will help to sort it out.

As well as wallpapers (many with co-ordinating borders), there are felts, flannels, hessian (burlaps), velvets, linens and close woven cottons, all speciality backed for ease of application. Added to this must be remembered that by the simple expedient of either battering, stapling, sticking or hanging, you can use almost any fabric to decorate your wall.

Cloth Bound

Muslin, dotted Swiss, or lenghts of printed cotton bought cheaply, can be suspended from a rod and caught back over doors and windows. Calico and thin canvas can be bought from artist supplies stores and make good coverings.

You can also stretch the fabric across the walls and staple it on, covering the staple marks with a braid, a length of the same fabric, picture framing, or painted moulding. This treatment is a speedy way to make the least architecturally distinctive room look distinguished.

An original fabric wallcovering can be made with sample squares of felt bought from a sewing supplies shop, or from felt suppliers. Stick them onto the wall (applying fabric paste to the wall first), in a cheque board  design either in two colours, or in a rainbow selection, making sure that they butt up well to each other.

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