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It’s all in the details

Carefully chosen details make all of the difference between your bathroom  being a cold, inhospitable place or becoming a favourite retreat in which to unwind.

After you have completed any remodelling or resurfacing work in the bathroom, it is time too consider how you are going to make this essentially functional space reflect you personality. There are many quick option open to you, from replacing taps (faucets) to hanging prints and photographs, using large terracotta pots instead of laundry baskets, and adding small display units or shelves for favourite collection of attractive objects.

Even if you are reluctant to carry out any remodelling, either because you do not own the house or because you are only going to be there for a short time, many of the instant style ideas that are outlined here can be achieved in an afternoon, so there really is no longer any excuse at all to live with a less than welcoming bathroom and house.

Nothing in nature is completely straight or flat, and it is the soft curving lines and undulations that give our world variety and interest. Most people are attracted to shapes found in nature. The shapes and symbols to which you have an affinity can be incorporated into home decorating to create and environment  that relaxes and inspires you. The shapes you choose can reinforce the effects of the colour scheme and be appealing and soothing.

The box shapes most of us now live in are very containing spaces. There are many ways to soften the effects of straight lines in your house or apartment. The easiest way to do is by introducing furniture and furnishings with rounded, flowing lines. The patterns on curtains and soft drapery can make a from more supportive and nurturing. Plants with rounded leaves can be added to a room, as can paintings using flowing lines. Ceramic bowls and vases using rounded forms have stabilising effect on a room, and help us connect to more natural forms. If you wish to make some architectural changes to square room, an archway or arched or round windows can frame a view and provide a feeling of security.

The kitchen is one place where squares and right angles predominate in the modern home. Fill your kitchen with bowls of round fruit and vegetables, rounded plates and cups, and herbs – both fresh and dry. To contrast with the sharp edges of domestic appliances,use hand crafted furniture , or get a round ding table and dress your chairs  with cushions.

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