Best Building Services in London

Best Building Services in London

To ensure that bills are kept to minimum, specify that all additional cost are quoted for in writing and are at attached to the main estimate; otherwise your contractor is given the opportunity to increase the bill in no tim at all, giving as unanswerable excuse the fact you kept asking more things.

If the job is of any size (say, the renovation of a house as opposed to that of a few rooms) it is a good idea to fix up a site meaning at least once more a week Remember to take your master checklist and go over the repair work room by room  with the contractor (foreman), the carpenter, the electrician, the plumber, whoever is relevant and can be mustered. Make a note of anything that discussed and arranged. Date and file these notes, making sure contractor has two copies, one of which should be initial and returned to you.

It is advisable to visit the site as often as possible (unless you are already camping in the middle of the mess) just to ensure that work is progressing and to sour out any problems or misunderstandings. It is wise not to say  in advance when you are coming unless you specifically want to meet with particular tradesman. And to vary your times a little. You should not expect contractors to undertake any sort of design decisions for you unless you have complete faith  in their taste – or no faith in your own.


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