Bathroom Installers

Bathroom Installers

Our professionals bathroom installers in London can easily create a nice Contemporary bathroom

Big changes have been taking a place in the bathroom. It began in new hip hotels where minimalism took over from opulence and before long everyone was at it. This look is the antidote to Victorian and Edwardian repro style, which was the last big style statement for the bathrooms. The big thing to note is that fashion take longer to change in bathrooms for the obvious reason that you can’t move things around or replace them on whim. The second factor is cost because this is a room where expert help is definitely required, and plumber, electricians and builders don’t come cheap. If you are going for complete change then it may be worth asking an architect or specialist bathroom designer to advise you.

Planing a brand new bathroom one of the most important aspects of planing is your budget, and it should include the cost of the main sanitary ware (bath, toilet, bidet, basin, shower tray), the taps shower and the screen or cubicle. Also include decorating materials such as tiles, paint flooring and essential accessories like storage units, lights, towel rails, mirrors and shelves. Get quotes for the plumbing, electrics and carpentry, and any decorating that you can’t mange yourself, such as skim coating or replastering. If you add these up and are still smiling skip it and call us.

Plumbers and Electricians often work together on bathroom installation and it is worth finding those who work as a team. An electric shower, for instance, needs the expertise of a plumber and electrician at different stages. It is also good idea to consult a plumber before you hire a designer because you need to know what the water pressure is, the type of boiler and size of tank. The plumber will also be able to advise you, for instance , whether it is worth replacing and old boulder at the same time to accommodate a shower system, which would be more economical to run. And if you can call our creative  experts you won’t be needing any other bathroom design advice.

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