Bathroom Fitter

The installation of bathroom is usually focused on fashion and innovative approaches tiles patterns, but the basis of everything  a beautiful and high quality glued tiles  for some reason forgotten. After all, no one can deny that the room will look nice only if they are glued tightly and professionally, without overt gaps.

Tackle the damp
Decided to have en suite room should be made, where it will be wet and very wet area. Most of confuse these the two terms, so you should know that the entire private room is considered to be wet area, except in those areas where moisture builds up continuously – it is 10 inches around shower cabin, wash basin, bath, as well as all of the floor space. These areas are called wet. So these places requires particularly care and bear in mind a reliable waterproofing.


Bathrooms are more than simply a place to wash. They have become sanctuaries for pampering and indulgence, a tranquil retreat in which to relax and unwind, a beauty salon in your own home. As one of the first rooms you see in the morning and one of the last you see at night, it’s no wonder its decor and style can make such a difference to how you start or end the day. Here is section how to transform your bathroom into one of two different styles, Traditional and contemporary  by using trusted bathroom refurbishment company in London. Choose a style, choose a project and call our expert to make it reality.

Traditional Bathroom – the bathrooms which we now tend to think of as being traditional are actually early 20th century in style, when the bathroom first became feature in ordinary people’s houses. Modern Europeans were a bit slow on the uptakes far as bathrooms went, but the Romans

long before had stunning baths and flushing toilets. There was a gap until the first bath was installed in theWhite house in 1851, and there was no bathroom in Buckingham Palace when Queen Victoria began her reign in 1837. By the end of it though, all kinds of bathroom fixtures had been invented, including stand-up showers, short and long baths, flushing toilets, mixer taps and heated towel rails. And now there has never been more choice in bathroom fittings and fixtures, so whatever your idea of traditional may be, you can satisfy with trusted bathroom fitters in London.

We recommend to use our services because all works will be  one be qualified labour

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