Basement conversion – it is the way to get your property more value and more living space. It became more popular in London  where is such huge request. For the people who do not want to move away from London but need more space. This quite good option as it is possible to make the property from 2 bedroom house to 4-5 bedroom house. And it will come up cheaper than to buy bigger property locally. Of course it will be created to fit your requirements.

Why it is working for London- Simple explanation there is huge shortage of the free land in London. And digging  under your house could be an option. Easy to get planning permission for the project.  As it such huge expansion of basement conversion London. In Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea so they even made a changes with the planing permissions. They don’t allow to make it more than 1 floor underground extension in this area. But other London Borough still do not have restrictions.

The house would stay liveable even the works in the progress so you won’t need to move away.  Just when we would be make the  stairs to it. It may cause some interruption, but it would be to the minimum level.

There many different opinions about the basement conversation  some people say it is will damp in room and very dark as it is under the ground. So we can can confirm that damp wont breach basement rooms if the works are carried by professional company with the experience in this area. To make it more simple how it come up achievable:   The floors and the walls would be waterproofed very similar to swimming pool system just waterproofed   from inside. So You it could be poring the water on it and the water wont go threw it. And no damp will arrive on it. Damp proof course will be done all over it.

Darkness in the basement –   windows maybe installed  in the ceiling it could get more Natural daylight. And gives bespoke  look for the room. Without any matter what would it be used for Luxury: Swimming Pool, Play room, Cinema room, Sauna, Vine cellar, Gym or Sport Room. Or Simply for the bedroom it would create perfect liveable space. Usually we making celling higher so it give better feeling for the space.

The main thing is to get all required specialist on site. So use our experience and save money. You wont need to look anywhere else. As we do offer Cellar conversion service from start to the finish. We will take at each point of the project  to our hands. Would get certified specialist for the each single point. This will guaranty highest quality achieved in shortest period of time