Wooden House

Natural design – very unique ones, so you can forget about the internal wall finishes. Wooden house comparable to a living body – it “breathes”. Unlike other construction materials, wood inner structure held constant air circulation. This tree disinfects the air, denying the inside of harmful substances. Wooden house is always clean air, water content and oxygen balance is maintained at an optimal level, regardless of external conditions.

Tree holds the heat. Wood heat insulation characteristics in the log wall 4-6 times exceeds the bricks or concrete walls performance for the same thickness of 22-28 cm thick timber walls equivalent thermal conductivity grouting thickness of as much as 1.1 m, so the wooden house made ​​of logs will warm even  blowing winds. In order to maintain the normal heat and moisture regime brick house, it is necessary to periodically heating and ventilation. Leaving the house for the winter, in the spring it will take a long time to warm up before the air warms up t. Wooden house warm up for a few hours. For good thermal insulation properties of a wooden house in the winter, not only warm but also cool in the summer, so these homes can be built in a huge range of climate conditions.

House on the picture

New Build:  Wooden House

Price of the project: £250k

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