Quality Assurance and Quality Control

We start from the gathered information from the customer and to the regular reviews of targets and objectives. This is based on fully understanding and accepting customers requirements at every single stage of the project from initial site meeting through construction stage to final completion.

Each of our company member of the mamangment are commited to ensure that our company operates to high standards and constantly strives to seek and achieve improvements to all processes.

For this to suceed our managment ensures:

  • Logistics Procedure and Procurement
  • Carry Inspections and Quality Control Procedures
  • Drawings and Codification of Documents
  • Carry Subcontracting Procedure (Ensure that all sub-contractors and others who are involved in our projects meet the required quality standards)
  • We have the resources and skills to achieve our customer requirements
  • Complete quality projects on time, within budget and defect free with the provision of all required documents
  • Management of Equipment and Plant
  • Create an effective communication system (By keeping the Client informed at all stages of the construction project)
  • To ensure Health and Safety policy is implemented at all times with the risk assessments and  the method statements prepared where required
  • Handover, As-Built and Completion Procedure


Identify All Construction defects at early stage

  • We will ensure very high construction quality, because we train everyone involved in the construction project to watch for deviations and errors
  • We will receive documentation that informs of the quality of the construction work done in each construction phase
  • We will identify any defects early and eliminate them forthwith without additional costs

Building Contractors are committed to achieving  high standards of quality in construction project thus ensuring and exceeding customer expectations.

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