We specialise in new build individual residential houses construction. General construction work reconstructs restoring, also perform dwelling houses and other premises. The company, in addition to local building materials, using materials purchased in cooperation with the German Poland Sweden and other foreign companies.

Constructions used for production calibrated, treated with preservatives, dried to 20% moisture content of wood of conifers. The accuracy of the manufactured items – up to 2 mm (width, height, length).

Prefabricated houses are made ​​by the individual or our ready-made projects. The company may carry out all building work, from a zero-cycle of the interior design – all the way. Frame houses are truly warm, clean, fast assembling and easily planing and renovated.

We working with The real estate development. to expand our commercial, residential and administrative real estate projects to acquire the land, the building structure and sell it.

Accent stones and other artistic elements installations
Decorative bridges, terraces, stairs installations
Ponds, pools, oases, conservatories, Orangeries, waterfalls installations
Supporting borders fences, basement installations
Summerhouse with a fireplace, fireplaces installations
Driveways, patio installations facilities
Drainage, wells, rainwater system installation
Underground networks, installations electrical communications
Ground working and Tilting and ditching
Of slopes and terrain formation