House renovation this really good idea as there are many old building which we are not allowed to rebuild just make renovation to create it suitable for your family. And for our days specification and requirements.

It can be many reasons to renovate your home :

To improve energy efficiency and save money on bills

To improve house looking

To remove an old dump signs  from it

To boost value of the property is very good investment

Renovation project  can be just painting it all depends from the building which already exist.

And from the council what are you allowed to do.

As there are many place where you just can improve inside building.

From outside just to recover bricks or rendering walls

External Renovation – renovation of old bricks using a specific chemical alternatives.

Facade rendering and restoration, high-pressure washing with hot water,

Painting, window and doors replacement.

Interior finishes include a wide range of work and requires skilled knowledge and experience.

Building contractors london not just gained considerable experience in this field, but also to a high quality of work carried out.

Interior decoration is not only plasterboard sheet Attaching, a set of consistent

Planned operations to complete the project ensure the home comfort and warmth.
Our company carry out any interior decoration and renovation, electrical installations

And plumbing and drainage entry work.